All deliverables can be requested to the project coordinator by the contact form.

WP 1 - Project Management

D1.1 - Management and quality handbook (available)

D1.2 - Periodic project report #1 (available)

D1.3 - Periodic project report #2 (available)

D1.4 - Final project report (not yet available)

WP 2 - Requirements Definition

D2.1 - Industrial requirements (available)

D2.2 - Data integration model - Document (available)

D2.3 - Data integration model - Cloud & edge database

WP 3 - Social Agent Modelling

D3.1 - Ontology (available)

D3.2 - Multi-agent Social Network and Cloud-based Collaborative Environment Architecture - Document (available)

D3.3 - Multi-agent Social Network and Cloud-based Collaborative Environment Architecture - Software (not yet available)

WP 4 - Predictive Maintenance (Social Agent Intelligence)

D4.1 - Definition of predictive maintenance scenarios (available)

D4.2 - Full databases, storing production and ERP data from the three industrial scenarios

D4.3 - Machine learning algorithms for predictive maintenance and sensor failure detection (not yet available)

WP 5 - Prototype System Development and Integration

D5.1 - System and architecture specification (available)

D5.2 - Prototype of the integrated system (not yet available)

WP 6 - Overall System Trial and Evaluation

D6.1 - Evaluation benchmark (not yet available)

D6.2 - Evaluation plan (not yet available)

D6.3 - Evaluation results (not yet available)

WP 7 - Communication Strategy, Dissemination & Exploitation

D7.1 - Project web portal (available here)

D7.2 - Report on dissemination and communication activities (not yet available)

D7.3 - Exploitation plan (not yet available)